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Nfs Underground 1 Patch !!TOP!!

product title: need for speed underground - united states version version: 1.2 date published: 2004-02-05 genre: racing product format: exe file size: 4.2 mb updated: 2004-02-05 rating: user ratings number of ratings: 0 size: 0.03 mb incl. media: no files: n/a release date: available now original release date: 2004-02-05 original price: n/a bundle name: n/a bundle installer type: n/a language: n/a best watched on: 32bit: 409727 hr 64bit: 403310 hr get it with: this software is a non-commercial utility.

Nfs Underground 1 Patch

if you believe the product to be defective or not as described, please contact the seller first through the email in the product description. however if you are the legitimate buyer of the product please provide evidence of purchase through the details i have provided. if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at : .

there was some urban legend about this going around the nfs forums. i can just tell you that we removed a large section (16 mb!) of the files from the game. this removed a lot of stuff that was in the game and wasn't necessary. even if it was true, it's still removed.

i have made some changes to the nfs um 1 the patch should be compatible with version 1.3.5 on x64 systems. i discovered some errors with the patch and it seems to have been the source of the original problem with time freezing. i have removed the patch for now. if you need help reinstalling it, let me know and i'll make another one.


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