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[S6E7] It's Not For Me To Say

It's sure something to think about! I think most people dislike the term soulmates because it's kind of goofy, and it leaves no wiggle room. If your relationship fails, then what? From my perspective, if you can't make it, then you aren't soulmates. Easy peasy.

[S6E7] It's Not for Me to Say

Sharing a birthday is a surprise and connects you further. But when you're like Bree and hate celebrating your special day, then it's a little messy. Luke said he felt the same and didn't need recognition, but Bree didn't believe him.

I'm with Kevin all the way. As soon as someone says don't look, my head darts up, and I look. I think it's the word look. It's all you hear. Look! and then you see something you shouldn't or wish you hadn't.

Lorelai: So, what's new with you?Rory: Oh, well, not much. I got my community service hours down from 300 to 104, so ...Lorelai: God, the community should be well-served by now. They should build a statue of you when you're done.Rory: Well, it's not just one community.

In "The Gilmore Girls Companion," casting director Jami Rudofsky recalls that Amy would "ring up the casting office and rattle off a few names of high-profile politicos she'd like to see on the show." Albright, a big "GG" fan, was more than happy to make a guest appearance. USA Today (which I won't link because it's too riddled with ads) quotes her as saying, "I had watched "Gilmore Girls" because it was a good mother-daughter story and then when I left office, I got a phone call from the producers and they said would I mind if somebody played me and I said, 'Yes, I would mind. I want to play myself.'" No matter how you feel about her politics, I hope we can all agree that this is all very cute.

When Lorelai and Rory finally get to talk, it's a nice moment that is rudely interrupted when the cake comes out and everyone starts singing "Happy Birthday." Once again, Rory is unceremoniously separated from Lorelai and thrust back into her grandparents' world. As the camera tracks in on Lorelai, her face falls. The final scene shows her and Luke driving back home in silence. In one of Luke's final good moments, he tells her, "You can pull link sausages out of me if you want." The mother-daughter reunion is imminent, but we'll have to wait a few more episodes before it happens.

The episode begins with Eric returning to where he left Nora and Willa and announces to them that they are putting Hepatitis V into all of the batches of Tru Blood being made in the facility at Burrell's Camp, and it was not only being served to the vampires within the prison but some were also to be shipped out for public sale. Seeing he has no time to waste, he tells Willa she must stay at the camp and warn the others to not drink the Tru Blood and he carries Nora out managing to escape on a leaving contaminated Tru Blood Semi. Jason is there with the guards to put the place in lock down as they find that Eric has escaped. Willa, still disguised with the nurses jacket, walks through the camp using the nurses severed hand to use the doors. She finds Pam in solitary but she is not chained up and Pam admits its because the resident psychiatrist likes her. Willa tells her Eric sent her and told her to not drink the Tru Blood because it has Hepatitis V inside it and explains to her it's a new fatal strain. Pam tells her to tell only Tara and Jessica about the Tru Blood and no one else to make sure the humans don't realize they have caught on to their plan. Willa asks if Pam needs help getting into general population and Pam tells her to just get herself back to general population and she will get herself out of segregation. Willa leaves and dumps the doctor jacket and severed limb before sneaking back into general population.

Sookie and Warlow lay naked in the sun on a plane of the Fae. Just having made love, Sookie realizes this was the first time she has made love in the daytime and Warlow says she just wrote their wedding vows. Sookie tells Warlow just because they had sex doesn't mean they are getting married. Warlow thought that Sookie had said yes to his proposal and Sookie says she doesn't think its just an infatuation but she also doesn't want to rush anything. She stands up when she hears crying. As she hears the person clearer, she realizes it's her friend Arlene crying from the earth realm. She tells Warlow she has to go help her friend because she fears something bad has happened but she will be back later. She uses her faerie magic to teleport back to the Bon Temps cemetery and finds Arlene crying her eyes out and she tells her that Terry has been shot and killed. Sookie asks her what happened and she explains falling apart and not knowing how she can tell her kids. Sookie tells her she is strong and she will get through this.

Sam calls Lafayette from a pay phone finding out that Terry has passed away. Sam knowing he has to go back to Bon Temps to pay his respects, he tells Nicole that she needs to call her mom because he has to go to this funeral even if it's not safe for him to go. She calls her mother and as they wait for her to reach the hotel, Sam takes a shower and Nicole later joins him. Later her mother arrives at the hotel and picks her up and Sam leaves for Bon Temps.

Jessica is taken by a guard to a conference room where she finds Jason there dressed as a guard. He tells her he is there to save her and hugs her tight. He admits he was there during the copulation study and it was sick but Jessica tells him he doesn't need to get her out of prison that she knows how it's going to end and she is okay with it. Jason tells her she will never suffer again but Jessica tells him that's not the world they live in and if there was anything he could do it would be to keep on living and perhaps one favor. Jason says of course he will do anything and she asks if she can see James because she would like to thank him for his kindness. Jason tells Jessica he will go get him.

Jason brings James into the conference room and Jessica asks Jason to leave them alone. Jason leaves and Jessica admits to James that before she came in the camp she did the worst thing in her life and then he burned instead of having sex with her and she asked him why. He told her he doesn't think he is a saint but he has managed to keep his humanity. He also reveals they broke his fang for not having sex with her but he says it's fine. Jessica reveals to James they are going to die in the camp and also to not drink the Tru Blood. They begin to talk about what they would do if they survive this. Then Jessica proposes having sex with James because if she is going to die she wants to be with him and she has also never had sex with another vampire. They make love on the conference table.

03.08: You see, while in the source novels (where the theory first sprung from) the Hound was implied to be a monk of the Faith, the TV show seems to have made clear that he hasn't exactly come round to religion - after all, it's what got all those people killed.

00.27: And while we're chatting about episode 6, it's worth looking back on Daenerys' barnstorming speech from the closing moments of the story. We can think of a few people who'll be feeling worried about her plans for Westeros...

11.59: BUT even these pulse-pounding returns aren't what has us most excited this week, as it's also rumoured that Rory McGann's brutal fighter The Hound (last seen being beaten all to hell by Brienne in season 4) could be making his way back to the action from beyond the (supposed) grave.

But look at us now - half a cast gone, Westeros in the grip of religious fervour and with all sorts of old favourites rejoining the action tonight. Of course, even if SOME characters have only been gone a few episodes, it's still too long since we last saw them...

It's nice to see the tables turned in this episode as Wilson takes the dangerous course and it's House who is put in the role of the possible enabler. In Role Model, House is given the chance to redeem himself in public at Wilson's urging, but Wilson turns to enabling House once again, nearly costing himself his career in the process. In Seasons 1 and 3, House was completely uninterested in how his pursuit of his own moral imperative was affecting Wilson's career; but now that the tables are turned, House can seemingly think of nothing else but to save Wilson from himself.

In the end, it's Lucas Douglas, the master detective, who appears to have the right philosophy. He knew the truth would come out eventually and he couldn't understand Cuddy's reluctance to let House in on their relationship. He also turns out to be right about House being able to handle the reality of the situation. He, better than anyone, knows finding the truth is often just a matter of hard work, observation, and leaving one's preconceived notions of the truth behind.

Dr. James Wilson: When you do what I did, it's not enough to tell yourself you did nothing wrong. You need to hear it from someone else. If not God or society, a friend. Otherwise you go crazy. What you said to me up there, thank you. You're a good friend. Cuddy should know that.Dr. Gregory House: You should let her know I drugged you so you couldn't confess to murder.

Dr. Allison Cameron: If you don't want to tell... okay. But I could help. Whatever this is, it's eating away at you. We could get past it together. I love you no matter what.Dr. Robert Chase: [Long pause] We lose patients sometimes. One of those patients... Dibala... we didn't ac- we didn't actually lose him... I killed him.

Dr. Cuddy: Tell me what you came here for, House.House: I've got a legitimate medical excuse.Dr. Cuddy: You must be so proud.House: I've forgotten it. I guess it's no big deal, since I was only using it as an excuse to come check out Patty and Selma.Dr. Cuddy: I feel bad. I haven't named your testicles.House: Word on the street is you set a new personal best for low-cut.Dr. Cuddy: I don't know why you chose to give them the names of someone's aunts.House: It's a compliment. They're always smokin'. 041b061a72


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