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Buy 1919 Root Beer _BEST_

A 16 Gallon Keg serves 240 servings, based on 12oz. glasses including 3oz. of foam and is equal to 7 cases of beer. A 8 Gallon Keg serves 120 servings, based on 12oz. glasses including 3oz. of foam and is equal to 3 1/2 cases of beer. A 5 Gallon Keg serves 70 servings, based on 12oz. glasses with 3oz. of foam and is equal to 2 1/2 cases of beer.

buy 1919 root beer

The story of A&W begins in 1918 in Flagstaff, Ariz., where awandering businessman named Roy Allen operated a hotel. Allenbefriended a retired chemist who boasted of creating a formula ofherbs, spices, barks and berries that made a tasty root beer. Allengot the recipe, but it's not known whether he paid for it ornot.

Some time later, Allen packed his belongings, his wife Alice,daughter Louise and the root beer recipe onto a train and moved toLodi. It is not known why he selected Lodi as the place to debutthe new beverage.

In a savvy business move, Allen decided to introduce his rootbeer during the homecoming parade arranged for Lodi's returningWorld War I veterans on June 4, 1919. He set up a temporary standright along the parade route on Pine Street between the Lodi Archand Church Street. The 1919 city directory lists Allen as operatinga shop at 13 W. Pine St. and residing at 17 1/2 W. Pine St., and itis likely he set up his stand outside his shop.

About 20,000 people reportedly attended the parade, afternoonfestivities, evening barbecue at Hale Park and nighttime dancing onPine Street. During that sunny day 89 years ago, Allen gave awayfree drinks of his refreshing root beer.

People must have raved about the new beverage. Within days,Allen set up his stand and began selling his ice-cold root beer inmugs for a nickel apiece. June 20, 1919 is the official birthdaterecognized by A&W.

Allen's timing couldn't have been better. Prohibition, whichoutlawed the production and consumption of all alcoholic beveragesnationwide, went into effect that year. Allen's cold, frothy rootbeer was a welcome substitute. Allen even reportedly fashioned hisroot beer stand like a bar with the servers standing behind a bigwooden counter outfitted with a low rail for customers to rest afoot while enjoying their brew.

Allen soon opened another root beer stand in Stockton, and by1920 he expanded into Sacramento. In 1922, Allen took on a partnernamed Frank Wright who was one of his employees. Combining theinitials of their last names, the partners began calling theirproduct, A&W root beer.

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Charles Hires would have a lot to feel flattered about. The success of his commercial root beer sales soon inspired competition. Here are some of the most notable root beer brands.

Since 1919, IBC has provided great-tasting sodas with the unique heritage of good old-fashioned fun. IBC quickly became renowned for its premium quality and satisfying richness, and it was often imitated but never equaled.

Rody Lundgren: Cozy, calm neighborhood pizza place. Made from scratch wood fire pizza, simple fresh Caesar salad, local beers on tap, root beer for the kids. Table by the picture window with little white candles.

Plainly put, root beer is one of those beverages that you either love or abhor. For those individuals who love it, root beer tastes like nothing less than distilled happiness and stirs sweet memories of carefree moments from childhood. While some people think it tastes weird, it seems that most people enjoy root beer, especially in the United States.

The long and storied history of Mug Root Beer dates all the way back to the 1940s when it was known as Belfast Root Beer (via ThoughtCo). While this variety is one of the most ubiquitous root beer brands in the United States, the unfortunate truth is that this beverage is terrible. It's not only the worst of all the most popular brands of root beer, but it's also one of the worst soda brands of any flavor.

The best thing about root beer made by Zevia is the fact that it contains no calories. If you're looking to limit your caloric intake, these sugar-free drinks will help you do just that. Sadly, that's about the one and only positive thing we can say regarding Zevia's root beers. They have two options and both of them are really bad. The brand's Creamy Root Beer tastes like it has been watered down, while the Ginger Root Beer has a harsh ginger-powered bite that will leave you regretting your decision to crack open a can of this stuff. Sure, ginger may be healthy, but it's only enjoyable in the right quantities.

Even if you're desperate for root beer that has zero sugar and zero calories, there are much better options on the market. Simply look for diet versions of the root beer brands at the top of this list and you'll be much happier with your selection. Not only is Zevia's sparkling water the worst of the worst, but their root beer flavors are also entirely forgettable, too. Don't waste your time or money on this soft drink.

Aesthetically, there's a lot to love about Frostie Root Beer. Not only does this beverage share a name with the legendary dessert from Wendy's, but Santa Claus (or at least a Santa Claus-like figure) also makes an appearance on the label. In fact, he has a giant smile on his face even though he appears to be in the middle of a blizzard. Unfortunately, any jolliness you may feel while looking at that holiday scene will likely evaporate once you take a swig of this root beer.

Dad's Root Beer has an instantly recognizable label that features blue letters outlined in red and sitting on a yellow background. This beverage was created in the 1930s in Illinois and it didn't take long for Dad's to become one of the most popular root beer brands in the country. To this day, you can find this particular type of root beer from coast to coast and it's even available internationally.

Of all the root beer brands on this list, Bundaberg Root Beer is far and away the most unique of them all. First of all, this drink comes in what appears to be an old-fashioned medicine bottle. That shouldn't be too surprising, though, because root beer was originally used as a medicine. At least you can pretend to be an old-timey apothecary as you drink this brand. Secondly, the bottle says you need to turn it upside down before you open it to ensure that the liquid is properly mixed.

Ultimately, the taste is unlike that of any other root beer you've ever tried. While it's not hard to find Bundaberg Root Beer in America, it was actually created by a family-owned business in Australia back in 1960 (via Bundaberg). Compared to American root beer, this stuff has almost no sweetness and instead tastes more like a combination of licorice and cough syrup. The only sweetness to be found is in the molasses-infused aftertaste. If you think that every root beer you've ever tried is too sweet, try Bundaberg Root Beer. Otherwise, select a brand that sits a little higher in our ranking.

While WBC Chicago Style Root Beer has its pluses, this beverage is not quite tasty enough to be worthy of a full-throated and hearty recommendation. On one hand, you're very likely to enjoy its strong vanilla aroma, its creamy texture, and the fact that it's made with real sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. After a few sips, you may even think that you've found your new favorite brand of root beer.

Once upon a time, Stewart's Root Beer was one of the most flavorful beverages of its kind. The brand can trace its roots back to 1924, the year when founder Frank Stewart decided to make the world's finest root beer. After concocting a recipe to his liking, he opened Stewart's Drive-In and his root beer was the star of the show.

Nowadays, the modern iteration of Stewart's Root Beer just tastes like generic root beer that you can find at any supermarket across the United States. It's not terrible but it's not anything special, either. If you fondly remember Stewart's Root Beer from your childhood, don't succumb to nostalgia because it no longer tastes as you may remember it.

The first soft drink on this list that deserves a hearty recommendation is Sioux City Root Beer. It has a deep, rich flavor and enough cane sugar to keep the party rocking. The aftertaste is a little bit lacking but otherwise, this is a high-quality root beer that's worth a try.

If you're in the mood for a complex root beer that is sure to titillate your tongue, opt for Virgil's Handcrafted Root Beer. This brand is supercharged with more than a dozen different roots, flavors, and spices including sweet birch, nutmeg, cinnamon, and anise. If you find that typical root beer is too bland, this is the stuff that you need to add some real spice to your life. As the name suggests, this beverage is also created in small batches to help ensure its quality.

Sprecher Brewing Co. is a Milwaukee, Wisconsin, craft brewery that was born in the 1980s. This brewery makes a variety of beers and sodas including the marvelous Sprecher Root Beer. Even if you have to travel a long distance to get your hands on this soft drink, it's well worth the effort. All it will take is one swig for you to be a fan for the rest of your days on this earth.

What's the best part about Barq's Root Beer? The fact that Barq's has bite, of course! That "bite" comes in many forms, but primarily, it's a reference to the sharp yet clean aftertaste that causes a jolt of happiness in your mouth. This root beer also has a smidgen of black licorice flavor, which adds an indisputable bite to its flavor profile. Additionally, this beverage has the optimal amount of carbonation. It's strong enough to keep things exciting, yet loving and gentle enough to make sure you continue to have fun.

When you want to drink the best root beer money can buy, A&W Root Beer is what you should purchase. Its smooth flavor promises to make it a hit for people of all ages. It's complex enough to satisfy a root beer connoisseur, yet it's serene and velvety enough for even kids to enjoy it just as much.

No matter how you drink A&W Root Beer, you can't go wrong. If you drink it out of a can, you'll love it. If you go to an A&W Restaurant and drink it out of a frosty mug, you'll love it. If you have a root beer float for dessert, nothing tastes as great as mixing the ice cream with A&W Root Beer. This beverage is a big hit in any situation and for practically any crowd. 041b061a72


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