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Resident Evil 1 Psx Iso

Sadly, it's not an actual mod or fan-made game, so there's no way for us to actually play it, but it is an extremely well-made and detailed video that looks about as close to actual gameplay as you can get without having an actual game. The four-minute video condenses the first 30 minutes of Resident Evil 6 down to a few creepy encounters with infected Town Oaks residents, who were sadly turned into zombies following a terrorist attack. Leon Kennedy and Helena Harper make their way across campus as the sole survivors of the attack that also happened to claim the US President.

resident evil 1 psx iso

We don't actually get to see Leon waste the president, but we do get to see him blow away a few zombies with the help of Helena. We also get to see him pick up a few classic Resident Evil items in an inventory management system from the original titles.


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