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Launch Special 720p _VERIFIED_

This morning in Tokyo, Nintendo held their long-awaited full product launch briefing for their upcoming console, the Nintendo Switch. Previously unveiled back in October of 2016, Nintendo has been keeping a fairly tight lid on specific details about the console, including its specifications, capabilities, and software lineup. Now with just less than 2 months to go until the console goes on sale, Nintendo is ramping up their promotional campaigns, releasing a good deal of new details on the console, though in a very Nintendo way.

Launch Special 720p

Wrapping things up, the Switch will be receiving a world-wide release on March 3rd (coincidentally the final day of the 2017 Game Developers Conference). It will be priced at $299 in the United States, with similar regional prices elsewhere across the globe. Ahead of the launch retailers have already put up pre-order pages (and some have started taking pre-orders), including Amazon, Best Buy, and GameStop.

720p (1280720 px; also called HD ready, standard HD or just HD) is a progressive HDTV signal format with 720 horizontal lines/1280 columns and an aspect ratio (AR) of 16:9, normally known as widescreen HDTV (1.78:1). All major HDTV broadcasting standards (such as SMPTE 292M) include a 720p format, which has a resolution of 1280720; however, there are other formats, including HDV Playback and AVCHD for camcorders, that use 720p images with the standard HDTV resolution. The frame rate is standards-dependent, and for conventional broadcasting appears in 50 progressive frames per second in former PAL/SECAM countries (Europe, Australia, others), and 59.94 frames per second in former NTSC countries (North America, Japan, Brazil, others).

The number 720 stands for the 720 horizontal scan lines of image display resolution (also known as 720 pixels of vertical resolution).[1] The p stands for progressive scan, i.e. non-interlaced. When broadcast at 60[note 1] frames per second, 720p features the highest temporal resolution possible under the ATSC and DVB standards. The term assumes a widescreen aspect ratio of 16:9, thus implying a resolution of 1280720 px (0.9 megapixels).

720i (720 lines interlaced) is an erroneous term found in numerous sources and publications. Typically, it is a typographical error in which the author is referring to the 720p HDTV format. However, in some cases it is incorrectly presented as an actual alternative format to 720p.[3] No proposed or existing broadcast standard permits 720 interlaced lines in a video frame at any frame rate.[4]

A 720p60 (720p at 59.94 Hz) video has advantage over 480i and 1080i60 (29.97/30 frame/s, 59.94/60 Hz) in that it comparably reduces the number of 3:2 artifacts introduced during transfer from 24 frame/s film. However, 576i and 1080i50 (25 frame/s, 50 Hz), which are common in Europe, generally do not suffer from pull down artifacts as film frames are simply played at 25 frames and the audio pitch corrected by 25/24. As a result, 720p60 is used for U.S. broadcasts while European HD broadcasts often use 1080i50 24* frame, with a horizontal resolution of 1920 or 1440 depending on bandwidth constraints. However, some European broadcasters do use the 720p50 format, such as German broadcasters ARD and ZDF, and the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK). Arte, a dual-language French-German channel produced in collaboration by ARD, ZDF and France Télévisions, broadcasts in German at 720p50 but in French at 1080i50. The Flemish Broadcasting Company (VRT) in Belgium was using 720p50, but switched to 1080i50 a few years ago.[when?]

Netflix is launching its first less-expensive plan with commercials after years of rejecting the concept. The move comes as subscriber growth has plateaued in recent quarters. Netflix lost subscribers in the first two quarters this year and expects to add just 1 million customers in the third quarter. The company has about 221 million subscribers globally, which makes it the largest worldwide streaming service.

Netflix will announce its third-quarter earnings after the market closes Tuesday and plans to unveil new subscriber and revenue forecasts, according to Chief Operating Officer Greg Peters. Netflix is partnering with Microsoft for its advertising-supported service. The streaming company will have hundreds of advertisers at launch and has nearly sold out its inventory, the company said in a media conference call.

Netflix's $6.99 per month pricing is less expensive than ad-supported Disney+ and Hulu, which will both be $7.99 per month when Disney+'s ad tier launches in December. HBO Max with ads is $9.99 per month.

Video resolution for Netflix's advertising tier will be 720p rather than 1080p, the quality of Netflix's standard plan that costs $15.49 per month. The company's basic plan without advertising is $9.99 per month and also has 720p resolution.

The advertising tier will initially be available in Canada and Mexico on Nov. 1, followed by Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, the U.K. and the United States on Nov. 3. Spain will launch on Nov. 10.

When the Source Filmmaker exports your movie, its default is to render at 720p. This means that your movie will be 1280 pixels wide by 720 pixels high, which is an average resolution for most movies made with the SFM. If you want your movie to have a higher resolution, you can instead render at 1080p, which means a movie that is 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels high.

The current Switch offers a 6.2 inch screen, while the Switch Lite's screen is 5.5 inches. Both are LCD rather than OLED, meaning this new model - if it launches as reported - will boast a larger and higher contrast display.

The online response to news of a 720p screen has been mixed, but the gains from a 1080p resolution on a screen that size would likely not be as pronounced as some have suggested, while it would also decrease battery life and likely drive up the unit's overall price.

The other would have "enhanced features targeted at avid videogamers" which Eurogamer reported would be comparable an upgrade as the one seen on 3DS to its New 3DS relaunch. It wouldn't, in other words, be a Switch 2.

If you are using Steam, you can set these easily in the Properties for VRChat, found by right-clicking on VRChat's entry in your game list. After clicking Properties, click on Set Launch Options, then put your desired launch options in.

If you are using Oculus PC, you must create a shortcut to the VRChat executable. After launching Oculus Home, launch this shortcut by clicking its icon. The Oculus launcher does not support launch options natively.

If you have a multi-CCX AMD CPU (most 1000/2000/3000 series and some 5000/7000), use an --affinity launch option to only use the first CCX to reduce inter-core communication latency and get a decent FPS boost.

During Sony's PS5 Gameplay stream today, Capcom unveiled that a brand new edition of Devil May Cry 5 would be coming to the next-generation platform. Available digitally at launch on November 12, 2020, (implying that a physical edition will come later), this new "Special Edition" of DMC 5 will include what most players have been asking for since launch: Vergil.

The PS5 edition will launch at $39.99 and include Vergil alongside a plethora of new gameplay modifiers. The most interesting is "Turbo Mode," which speeds up the game to 1.2x speed. There will also be the "Legendary Dark Knight" difficulty mode that will be exclusive to the PS5 version. That is because the increased number of enemies puts a lot more strain on the game, so it was impossible to implement on PS4.

Lastly, Capcom discussed resolution options and this is where things get a little strange. Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition will have support for true 4K playback, but will be limited to 30 fps. Players can opt for 1080p at 60 fps and there's something about a "High Framerate Mode" that will allow 120 fps. That will likely be at 720p, which is not what you'd want to market the PS5 with.

If you think you need to return your item, the first step is to contact us by email ( or telephone (01752 344989). Please include a copy of the invoice and state the reason for returning the item and whether you would prefer an exchange or a refund.

D-terminal is a connector type used mainly in Japan. The resolutions supported by D1 to D5 are as follows:D5: 1080p / 720p / 1080i / 480p / 480iD4: 1080i / 720p / 480p / 480iD3: 1080i / 480p / 480iD2: 480p / 480iD1: 480i

Set the resolution.Select all resolutions supported by the TV in use. Video will automatically be output at the highest resolution possible for the content you are playing from among the selected resolutions.* * The video resolution is selected in order of priority as follows: 1080p > 1080i > 720p > 480p/576p > Standard (NTSC:480i/PAL:576i).If [Composite / S Video] is selected in step 4, the screen for selecting resolutions will not be displayed.If [HDMI] is selected, you can also select to automatically adjust the resolution (the HDMI device must be turned on). In this case, the screen for selecting resolutions will not be displayed.

The premium plan offers high-quality viewing in 4K, with up to four concurrent streams and the ability to create up to seven different user profiles per account. While the Mobile Plan will be a little more limited, with just one concurrent stream at once, and it will only be available in HD (720p).

gst-launch-1.0 -v v4l2src device=/dev/video0 ! videoconvert ! vspmfilter dmabuf-use=true ! video/x-raw, width=640, height=480 ! queue ! omxh264enc ! queue ! rtph264pay ! queue ! udpsink host= port=5000

gst-launch-1.0 -v udpsrc port=5000 caps = "application/x-rtp, media=(string)video, clock-rate=(int)90000, encoding-name=(string)H264, payload=(int)96" ! rtph264depay ! decodebin ! videoconvert ! autovideosink

At a special event today, Motorola officially announced the Moto G - a mid-range smartphone designed to bring the acclaimed Moto X user experience to a lower price point. It's built around a 4.5" 720p edge-to-edge display that's covered in Gorilla Glass 3 for extra protection against scratches and drops.Motorola has even wrapped the insides of the Moto G with a water-resistant nano-coating.


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