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Koxp Autoloot Knight Online: The Ultimate Cheat Program for Looting Items

i hate the autoloot, but then again, i'm a big fan of the game in general. a lot of players were complaining about the autoloot system, which i really have to disagree with. there is no way to make the autoloot affect only the players, and i think that is a really horrible idea. the autoloot should affect all the players, so that everyone has the same chance to get valuable stuff.

koxp autoloot knight online

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i want this game to work. as a matter of fact, i think this game would be really fun if it worked. but the autoloot is the worst thing ever. first of all, it's a system that affects all players. so what do you think will happen, that the autoloot will influence the players according to their combat skill? they can get good gear if they hit it right. it's the same problem that happens with the friend requests in wow. it's really annoying to me.

i am not saying that knight online is legal.. i am saying that koxp is. i have seen people with a lvl 70 character (trying to farm exp on zed or just a fishing quest and i thought it was weird) and i have heard of people from a lvl 70 to a lvl 80 that does it and it has never been reported as a dupe.

that is my own view on k2 not koxp. i love the game, its a great game but my view is flawed due to my english skills. but i do like the game, i just dont like when people try to claim that koxp is a legal activity. cause it just is not.

and as for koxp being legal.. it is not. but the people who do it. really dont care about the koxp issue. they do it because its fun and they enjoy it. the people who stop them. are the ones who get mad about the issue. cause they feel that they are the only ones getting cheated and that there are no end of koxpers. they are just mad because the other players are enjoying themselves.


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