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[S7E10] Speech Impediment

Leonard enters Sheldon's office and tells him that he has published his findings. Sheldon has already seen it and has posted a retraction of his previous work. The whole scientific community now knows that he is wrong. Leonard tells him not worry because this problem happens all the time. Not to Sheldon who hasn't published a retraction since he had to concede to his brother that he was the greatest ninja in East Texas when he was nine. Barry Kripke comes in to taunt him. He calls Sheldon his favorite superhero, The Retractor. Leonard tells Barry not to give Sheldon a hard time, so Barry says I'm sorry and "RETRACTS" it. He complements Leonard for disproving the Chinese and asks Sheldon if he should try another line of work like retail. Then he could take things back for a living. Leonard again tells him to stop it, but Sheldon can fight his own battles and calls him "Bawwy". Kripke says that is very hurtful since he can't control his speech impediment. Sheldon says that that was uncalled for and he takes it back. "Because you're the re-tractor", Kripke again taunting him.

[S7E10] Speech Impediment

A lone Blackout agent cautiously searches the lobby of the VenTech Tower, the red laser sight on his firearm tracking its way across the room as he makes his rounds. From within the samurai armor on display in the lobby Brock Samson opens his eyes. With a bloodcurdling cry Brock flies through the air, catching the Blackout agent completely off guard as a samurai sword impales his face to the lobby floor. Brock, still wearing the samurai armor, chuckles to himself as he slides for cover under the reception desk. He grabs the public address microphone and gives a speech to all of the Guild Blackout agents sent to distract him:

In the board room of the VenTech Tower a barefoot Brock Samson steps across the room-length table, sword in hand. A terrified Guild Blackout agents backs himself against the plate glass window, his gun drawn on Brock's torso. Brock dares him to fire and he obliges, knocking Brock onto his back. Brock stands back up, a bullet hole in his shirt right above the metal plate on his chest. He approaches the agent with his sword drawn, but finds himself disappointed mid-speech when the agent activates a hidden poison tooth, depriving Brock of the satisfaction of the kill. Brock furiously yells aloud that he considers this "cheating".

Dylan covers his face in utter shock before they both start moving towards each other and meet half-way in what looks like a bone crunching hug, where Savenia starts bawling happily. Savenia says hi a couple of times where Dylan just stands there, obviously rendered speechless.

Impractical Jokers, a hilarious show on TruTV, brings us another fun episode titled "Speech Impediment". Joe, Q, Sal, and Murr all crack each other up while performing strange scenes behind glass. They then take their antics out of the studio and head to the Top of the Rock to test out some awkward proposals. As usual, the jokers have no idea what's in store for them, and the results are always hilarious.The episode culminates with the big loser having to face off with government officials while having a speech impediment. It's truly a cringe-worthy moment and the other jokers are in stitches as their friend struggles to get his words out. It's a classic example of why Impractical Jokers is such a classic show. Even as the jokers get up to their usual antics, they still manage to find ways to surprise us and make us laugh.The episode was rated 8.05 from 201 votes.

Punishment: Murr takes a stab at performing a disastrous speech for the advisory board at Yonkers City Hall where he must read the blue cards everytime the jokers say "line". Unaware that Yonkers mayor Mike Spano was already in on this punishment.

Loser: Murr Punishment: Murr is forced to take a stab at performing a disastrous speech for the advisory board at Yonkers City Hall where he must read the blue cards everytime the jokers say "line", unaware that Yonkers mayor Mike Spano was already in on this punishment.

The first episode in the two-part season finale ended with Dean and Bobby finding Sam just in time to see him get stabbed. Sam heartbreakingly died in Dean's arms, but perhaps the saddest moment came in the second part with Dean's speech to Sammy after he'd died. Between Jensen's phenomenal acting and the thought of losing Sam, this will always be an emotional watch.

"Despair" bid farewell to a character loved by millions. Castiel admitted he loved Dean and sacrificed himself to save him. "Inherit The Earth" saw Chuck defeated after beating the boys to near death and Jack as the new and improved almighty. And "Carry on" was just pure soul-crushing material. From Dean's speech and farewell to our beloved Bobby's return and the brother's reunion in heaven in their "Pilot" outfits, fans were a mess for days to come. Carry on, Supernatural family.

Sheldon: No, that's okay. I can fight my own battles. Isn't that right, Bawwy?Barry Kripke: Is that a reference to my speech impediment? That's pretty hurtful. I can't control it.Sheldon: You're right. That was uncalled for. I take it back.Barry Kripke: Of course you do, because you're The Retractor! 041b061a72


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