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App Cleaner And Uninstaller For Mac [2021]

Watch the video to see how to uninstall apps on MacBest uninstaller and cleaning assistant for your MacUninstall apps and all unwanted junk filesCheck your Mac for traces of previously removed apps that remain on the disk when you drag & drop applications to the Trash.

App Cleaner And Uninstaller For Mac

We use various applications on our devices every day. Usually, it is easy to find and install a necessary program, depending on its technical requirements. But when it comes to removing an app from a Mac, there are multiple options. You can use its native uninstaller, simply drag and drop an app to the Trash, or use a third-party uninstaller.

The last option is a handy software cleaner tool that helps to automatically remove programs from your computer. They differ incompatibility with other programs, features, usability, and so on. The AppCleaner software tool is one of the third-party uninstallers. Likely, you have heard of or even used it. But if for any reason you wish to delete AppCleaner from your Mac, we will share two ways to uninstall it.

You also can uninstall the AppCleaner app for a Mac using another software cleaner. We advise using App Cleaner & Uninstaller. It helps to delete more than 1,000 applications from a Mac. This uninstaller has an intuitive interface, requires only 47.7 MB, and it is compatible with OS X 10.10 or later. The uninstaller from Nektony correctly and entirely removes programs in less than a minute. To remove AppCleaner using the uninstaller software tool, complete the following steps:

Lastly, we have the folks over at AppZapper. This simple, compact uninstaller lets you pull applications from your drive into its interface, then tracks and expunges down all related files. It stands out for its simplicity and for the depth of its cleanups. On the other hand, frequent crashes are common.

While App Cleaner & Uninstaller looks good, works well, and is easy to use, this product seems a little expensive for such a limited functionality. You may be better off paying more and getting MacCleaner Pro, which offers much more functionality, including a duplicate file finder, a disk space analyzer, and a memory cleaner. Or you could try MacKeeper and get all your cleaning, optimization, and security tools in a single app.

One place where Nektony misses the mark a bit is its lack of a visualizer or any other way to interpret the information it gives you. The numerical totals might work for some, but I found myself wanting the color-coded display that other uninstallers use to help you see the volume of junk on your disk.

For more information about why a cleaner app could be useful read: Why your Mac needs a cleaner app. For more ways to squeeze the most out of your system read our How to speed up a slow Mac guide and How to delete Other on a Mac. We also look at How to delete System storage and How to delete cache on a Mac.

No, nor is any other so-called cleaner application. They tend to remove valid components from applications and the operating system and in some cases, that has led to reinstallation of the operating system.

Dragging an app to the Trash doesn't completely uninstall it. You will also need to use the Finder to find and delete all related files. As you know, this process is time-consuming and tedious, and you may not find all the files related to the application. Thanks to third-party app uninstallers, removing unwanted Mac apps has never been easier.

AppCleaner is a very simple and easy-to-use app uninstaller for Mac. Its interface is simple and straightforward. To remove an app, you just need to drag it into AppCleaner and click the Remove button. You can also switch to its list mode to quickly find and delete unwanted apps, widgets, and plugins.

If you are just looking for a free app uninstaller for Mac, AppCleaner is ideal for you. However, if you prefer a tool with junk cleaning and app uninstallation features, BuhoCleaner can be your first choice.

To remove AppCleaner thoroughly and quickly, Osx Uninstaller provides a very good and simple way to help you conduct the removal, and the automatic removal is the highlight for the uninstaller, which enables you to finish the removal in a few of minutes. To uninstall the app quickly, you can refer to the following removing steps:

For Mac users, there are too much trouble to uninstall apps from Mac. For different apps, you may have to uninstall them in different places on Mac. Also, some associated files will not be removed completely. To help you uninstall apps quickly and effectively from one place, we suggest the best 10 Mac uninstaller apps for you.

Donemax AppRemover for Mac is one of the best Mac uninstallers to help you securely uninstall apps and remove all related files. It can help you uninstall applications one by one or in batch, then clean up all associated files including app junk, logs, cookies, register files, etc.

Besides, this effective Mac uninstaller is also totally free. You can use it for free without any limit. This simple and tiny tool is only specified in app uninstall without any other redundant options and functions. If you are just want a simple app uninstaller, this software is the best one for you. Free download this freeware to remove unwanted apps to free up more space.

App Cleaner & Uninstaller is another best uninstaller for Mac. It is also a great tool to remove apps safely from Mac. If you uninstalled some apps before on Mac directly, there would be some leftover files. This cleaner for Mac can remove leftover files from previously uninstalled apps.

Moreover, this app cleaner for Mac has other amazing features which can help you keep your Mac optimized. The app remover for Mac is an comprehensive Mac optimization tool. It comes with Cleanup, Protection, Speed and other features to help you make your Mac performance better.

CleanMyMac is more than uninstaller. It comes with loads offunctions. Most of the functions are aimed to clean storage and boost Macperformance. Additionally, it has protection features, such as Malware Removal.

Another area where CleanMyMac and AppCleaner differ isdeleting active programs. For instance, if you want to delete Google Chrome,but it is currently active (even if no tabs are currently open), then it willappear disabled in the AppCleaner. In CleanMyMac, you can choose any app, andthe uninstaller will offer to quit the app and uninstall it.

Is such App Cleaner from FreeMacSoftbetter than App Cleaner & Uninstaller from Nektonywhich is also included in MacCleaner Pro? I do not mean cheaper; I mean better. Which is the best Mac uninstaller application of all available?

MacCleaner Pro is a tool from the Nektony creators. This one also offers a free Mac cleaning software trial that allows you to speed up, clean up and manage your disk space using three straightforward tools. You can later upgrade to the powered-up paid version, which offers additional features like disk space analyzer, duplicate file removal, and application uninstaller.

This tool earned its spot on the best Mac cleaners list because it's more than a cleaner. In fact, it's a bit of a one-stop shop with an array of features, including Unarchive, Transform text tool, Presentation mode, and so much more. Parallels' goal is to help users get the most out of their devices for $24.99 per year. This is one of the most affordable options on the market.

AVG Cleaner is an absolutely free Mac cleaner software that comes with two main functions: Duplicate Finder and Disk Cleaner. It can help detect and cope with several sorts of junk files: downloads, application cache, and logs. At the same time, however, it cannot remove leftover files.

Hopefully, you found this review helpful. However, if you still decide to continue your own research for Mac cleaners, make sure to download from untrustworthy sources. Too often, malware and other types of viruses can disguise themselves as cleaning tools.

(2) Apps that have an dedicated uninstaller: Head to the /Applications folder in Finder. Try to open the folder where the app is stored (or its installation package file if you still keep it on your Mac). If there is an items with the name of Uninstall, double-click to launch it and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the removal process.

Manually hunting down app remnants in the system directories requires certain time and adequate knowledge. Mac beginners are suggested to run a reputable uninstaller (e.g. Osx Uninstaller) to get the job done. If you insist on deleting App Cleaner & Uninstaller 4.9.2 leftovers by yourself, be very cautious and avoid mistakenly deleting other app or system files.

  • Each time you drag and drop apps into the Trash, the uninstaller will check apps for complete cleanup and detect their leftovers. It will remind you with a smart notification to remove leftovers as well. Use one-click uninstalling mode or switch to the Expert mode whenever you want to see apps service files in details and take control of them.Note: 7-day evaluation period. var adpushup=window.adpushup=window.adpushupque:[];adpushup.que.push(function()if(adpushup.config.platform==="DESKTOP")adpushup.triggerAd("f085e445-4cb4-4672-a8a3-8d19b53faf28");); var adpushup=window.adpushup=window.adpushupque:[];adpushup.que.push(function()if(adpushup.config.platform!=="DESKTOP")adpushup.triggerAd("2b9a1ee5-cd39-4c6f-bea2-7f24a0fd0ecd");); Download App Cleaner & Uninstaller for Mac Latest Version Screenshots

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