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Where To Buy Garden Fountains

Your outdoor living space is essentially an extension of your home, so it just makes sense to turn your patio and yard into a second living room. This is easily accomplished with the water fountains we have here at Outdoor Fountain Pros. Whether you are shopping for solar-powered garden fountains for your backyard or flowerbeds or a modern water feature to be the focal point of your patio or deck you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for here. At all of our backyard fountains ship free to you with no sales tax, even our large outdoor fountains. If you have any questions regarding our water features please feel free to contact us. We want to make sure your outdoor water fountain shopping experience is a positive one from start to finish.

where to buy garden fountains

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A bubbling fountain may look something like a large bird bath with a stream of water that bubbles up from the center of the bowl. These types of outdoor fountains make for a great centerpiece out in the yard. You can surround your water feature with all kinds of landscaping or gardening ideas. Campania Fountains have quite a few of these in their collection.

A raining fountain looks much like a beaded curtain that consists of falling water. This outdoor fountain makes quite the focal point and can add appeal to your garden. The frame for this type of fountain comes in an array of options. Fountains like these can be customized to your liking and to fit in your garden.

Pouring fountains look like water from a top bowl to a lower bowl to an even lower bowl and so on until the water is recycled for reuse. This outdoor water feature can vary in size. These fountains could be small enough for a yard with limited space or large enough to be the highlight of a city. Many of our outdoor wall fountains fall within this category.

A cascading fountain involves water that trickles down into a reservoir. An example of a cascading fountain may have a very small bowl at the top, a large bowl under that and an even larger bowl under the preceding bowl. The first bowl overflows with water and the water cascades down to the bowl under it and so on. Many of our large outdoor fountains are within this collection.

As you can see, there are many different types of fountains. If you think that you want a fountain in your backyard, it is worth considering which type of fountain you would most enjoy. Consider where the fountain would be placed, how large you want the fountain to be and how you want the fountain to look. Because a fountain is a piece of art, there are no right or wrong answers when considering a new addition to your yard. Once you determine what kind of fountain you want, you'll need to figure out how you will supply water to it. Especially if the fountain will be placed far away from your current water line. We offer autofill options with most of our fountains or a simple garden hose is an easy solution.

Each piece is poured by hand in the tradition of meticulous Old World craftsmanship, complemented by our rich, trend-setting finishes. Our fountains are expertly engineered and all Henri products are skillfully made in America.

These fountains are designed for indoor use and can be placed on an end table, desk, or coffee table. Like their outdoor counterparts, the running water produces relaxing sounds, and the volume of the water varies based on the design of the fountain.

Floor fountains are versatile water features with a wide selection of options available for either indoor or outdoor use. These fountains are freestanding and come in a variety of sizes, materials, and styles.

Rock fountains are a specific style of fountains designed to replicate the scenic waterfalls found in nature. These realistic fountains are typically made of weather-resistant materials such as polyresin or fiberglass for the look of rocks and logs without the extra weight.

When most people think of water fountains, they picture an elegant tiered fountain. These freestanding fountains are larger in size than floor fountains and are commonly used as a dramatic focal point for a garden or courtyard.

Metal fountains can be made from stainless steel, copper, or brass for a striking design. They feature a shiny, eye-catching finish in a variety of colors and lasting strength for use season after season.

We offer pumps for both solar-powered and electric fountains and have options for both indoor and outdoor use as well as pumps with an adjustable flow feature to control how quickly the water flows through the water feature.

Whether you want to add a touch of serenity to the corners of your deck or patio or create a new centerpiece for your lawn or garden, a fountain is the perfect way to transform the look of your outdoor spaces. With so many materials, styles, and power options to choose from, you are sure to find the ideal fountain for any home.

Calm your evening, add a sparkle of light, attract the Colorado birds or even mask neighborhood sounds with your own outdoor water fountains! Garden fountains can offer a soothing element to your Denver garden -- the appeal of a water element in a garden is easy to understand; they add a calming sense of movement to any space.

Country Fair Garden Center has been serving the Denver area with everything to make Colorado gardens and homes unique and beautiful. We are a family-owned and family-operated business that offers the most beautiful flowering annuals, perennials, organic herbs and vegetables, trees, shrubs, indoor plants, soil, fertilizer, pottery, gardening tools, home decor, unique gifts, local Colorado goods and so much more! Our large nursery and extensive garden shop offers everything you need for your urban garden!

Visit our Denver garden shop in the South Lowry Square Shopping Center, on the southwest corner of Leetsdale and Quebec at: 7150 Leetsdale Dr #415, Denver, CO 80224 or call us at (303) 757-4949.

In a large garden with tall trees and plants, a good-sized statue can take center stage. In a modest garden with more delicate plants, choose a small, unobtrusive piece. It will be a pleasant surprise around a curve or in a nook in the wall.

Add half a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid to a gallon of hot water. Wet a soft cloth in the mixture, and gently wipe down the statue. Use a garden hose to remove all the soap, and thoroughly dry the statue with a towel to prevent water marks.

We offer dozens of statues for specific garden sizes, tastes and budgets. You could take home an adorable 5-pound mouse replica for around $11. Our gorgeous 44.5-inch Gabrielle Angel statue sells for around $425.

Garden fountains add a touch of fantasy to any garden or yard. The sound of running water has been proven to calm the nerves, making garden fountains a relaxing compliment to other outdoor garden accessories. These elegant structures look great as the centerpiece of any garden arrangement.

Our selection of garden fountains ranges from natural-looking bamboo fountains to floating lily pad fountains. All garden fountains we sell come with a money-back guarantee, ensuring that you can purchase with confidence.

I had been having a lot of algae problems, so I switched to distilled water in both my fountains starting using the Care Free Fountain Protector. It really keeps the fountains clean and the water clear, no algae at all!

Experience spa-like tranquility right in your back yard with the Teamson Home Outdoor Modern Tiered Zen Fountain Embrace the soothing ambiance of flowing water and set the tone for a nice relaxing evening with this tiered faux stone garden fountain. Made from durable weather, and rust-resistant polyresin adorned with stone-like carvings, this waterfall garden fountain is a perfect addition to any outdoor space.Teamson is a global lifestyle home designs brand bringing joy into every home through beautiful, quality pieces made for stylishly comfortable everyday living. Teamson Home is our flagship brand continuing our tradition of beautiful high-quality designs including versatile indoor and outdoor furniture, bathroom furniture, indoor and outdoor lighting, and outdoor heating and décor.

Is there a more peaceful sound than the sound of gently flowing water as you enjoy the view of your garden or work at your desk? Outdoor fountains can create a focal centerpiece in your garden or an accent to complete your yard. Indoor fountains are a beautiful way to bring the element of water into your home or office.

At Aquatic & Garden Decor, we offer the finest selection of high quality fountains. From magnificent cast stone options that make a statement in your yard to an elegant wall water feature to add tranquility to the waiting room at your office, we can help you find the perfect water feature.

Wall fountains are truly art in motion. Not only are they visually stunning, but they also add the gentle sound of running water to your indoor space. Whether you need a large statement piece in your lobby or a beautiful accent in your living room, these water features bring together sight and sound for an unmatched art experience.

Bring the serenity of running water into your home or office with tabletop fountains. Not only is the sound of running water soothing, it also adds an interesting decor element that catches the eye immediately.

No matter where you decide to place your water feature, it is guaranteed to make a beautiful addition to your space. Our selection includes something for every unique taste and design. From contemporary to classic and everything in between, we have the perfect tabletop fountain for you.

Fiore Stone. The most sought after name in cast-stone fountains and statuary. Renowned for its designs of authentic, handcrafted and finished water features and garden art adored by residential and commercial clients alike, the Fiore Stone product line can be found on display and in person at select retailers nationwide. We invite you to browse our product categories online and welcome you to your local authorized retailer. Simply enter your zip-code to find a dealer nearby. 041b061a72


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